Environment - Staying Green

Donegal Car Breakers take particular care over our environmental processes. As a reputable company, Donegal Car Breakers work closely with local councils to help come up with innovative Green stategies.

Authorised Treatment Facility

Donegal Car Breakers is an Authorised Treatment Facility. We recycle up to 85% of the vehicle's raw materials in line with the Environment agency requirements. The separated recycled materials are sold to industry as raw materials for the production of new vehicles.

End of Life Vehicles Directive (ELV)

The End of Life Vehicles Directive (ELV) operation requires that all fluids, typre and batteries as well as hazardous materials to be removed from End of Life vehicles before the shell is sent to the shredder for re-processing.

Investment in Plant and Machinery

Donegal Car Breakers' extensive workshop includes a state-of-the-art quad bay de-pollution plant where all liquids are drained from vehicles, then segregated and stored, ready for collection by registered waste carrier for treatment and subsequent re-use.